6-21-11 Scared

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I have just added a new menu item for Undead Android after all @DethBecomesYou is the inspiration for this comic and deserves the recognition.

Do you like my comic, well I have just released a Android theme for ADW in both a free and super special paid version(its really not that super or special but will get special holiday Undead Android Icons).  The market link for the free version can be found here https://market.android.com/details?id=com.cyzion.undead&feature=search_result and the paid version (only $0.99) is here https://market.android.com/details?id=com.cyzion.undead.paid enjoy, and I hope you are enjoying the comics.  From now own they will be released on Mondays(following the character Droid) and Thursday’s(following Hero).

Welcome to the home of the Android Undead comic strip. This comic was inspired by @dethbecomesyou on twitter since he has a love for all things zombie and horror related.  Without divulging to much information this comic will play out a simple story of a Zombie virus that spreads throughout the Android community.  In theory every Thursday I will update with a new comic and when the urge strikes I may add another one.  Well keep an eye out for future updates, and if you like this comic you may like my other comics found at fuzedfiction.com.  Enjoy.